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Without Frills Or 'Psychobabble'

“There are many reasons why people choose to embark upon a hypnotherapy course. For some it is a journey for self help purposes, for some it is to be able to improve the lives of friends and family and for others it is to launch a new career. My aims were quite clear - to set up a private practice in Harley Street and deal with clients at the 'top end' of the market. I trained with Valerie short three years ago. I now operate from my clinic in Harley Street. My work has been featured in major magazines and national newspapers. I have acted as a professional advisor on a number of radio shows and my website receives many thousands of visitors.

Whatever your reason for considering hypnotherapy, I recommend the Valerie Austin course most highly. Over many years, Valerie has developed techniques that I can only describe as 'back to basics'. Her methods are without frills or 'psychobabble'. Simple basic techniques but incredibly effective in treating a wide variety of client issues.

Recently, I treated a lady who had been unable to leave her house for 13 years. She had been 'written off' by the medical community and was on a permanent cocktail of anti-depressants. After five sessions using Valerie's technique I received an email from her informing me that she had applied for a job in a local office and was on her way to the travel agents to book a holiday too! The final words of her email gave me the greatest thrill of all: "Thank you David for giving me my life back"

David Samson, of Avanti Hypnotherapy.

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