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What Makes Us Different?

corp-eggsWe have a method of change that works long term. There are many programs available in the marketplace offering stress management and general well-being for employees. However, these sometimes result in a temporary fix and the positive effects occasionally last only as long as the workshop itself.

The Austin Corporate program is a revolutionary approach to combating stress and increasing productivity. This is not a ‘quick fix’. These methods have been tried and tested for 12 years. Valerie Austin conceived The Austin Technique in the late 1980’s and has continually refined it to incorporate the very latest self-development methods that in turn lead to increased productivity.

The secret ingredient of The Austin Technique is hypnosis - it is the one ‘clinically tested’ method that guarantees a high success rate.

Hypnosis has over two hundred years of credibility and many thousands of double-bind clinical studies to prove its validity. As hypnosis itself can be recorded, the results can be monitored for their effectiveness and success.

Absentee-ism and productivity are measurable results. With the workforce enjoying reduced stress levels, productivity will increase whilst absentee-ism decreases. The great thing is that these changes will be permanent and lasting, leading to a bright future for any company and the individuals working there.

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