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What is Hypnotherapy?

hypno-questionsignHypnotherapy is therapy performed while a person is in hypnosis.

Hypnosis creates a state of trance that allows work to be done in the inner mind. Hypnotherapy can then be used in order to modify a person’s behavior, emotions and attitudes, as well as being used for a wide range of conditions including dysfunctional habits, anxiety, stress-related illnesses, pain management, and personal development. Formally the person conducting therapy in hypnosis was called a hypnotist. It is only in recent years that the word hypnotherapist has replaced the word hypotist, now used to describe a person who uses hypnosis on stage.

The therapy used can be a collection of techniques performed in this trance state. There are literally hundreds of methods and techniques now on the market, mostly nothing to do with the traditional doctrine of hypnosis, resulting in poorly-trained hypnotherapists going round in circles with questionable results. However, there are plenty of hypnotherapists that are excellent at their profession and still use the tried and tested (and researched) methods that have astounded the medical profession for over a century.

You may wonder why there are so many unskilled hypnotherapists. The three main reasons are firstly because you can learn hypnosis and hypnotherapy quite quickly. Secondly, it became quite common since the early 1990’s for someone to attend a class and then a short time later teach the subject without any real practical experience or thorough knowledge in the subject. Lastly it is relatively easy to accept information from the internet to be correct without checking in the academic books that are generally available, but usually quite expensive. It all becomes like a bad photocopy and the purity is tainted with different ideas and individual theories.

The strategies chosen in hypnosis are designed for the subconscious, rather than the conscious part of the mind. It is the only therapy that allows you to go directly to the filing system and access the deep-routed memories of the inner mind allowing you to identify the very heart of the problem. Many of us think our problems are just part of our personality or genes but the majority of our adult behavior has its roots in childhood. Using powerful age regression techniques, the hypnotherapist can guide the clients’ inner mind into identifying the cause of the problem. Often it is a long-forgotten incident or something so traumatic (at the time) that the minds own protection mechanism has ‘buried’ the memory in amnesia. It is very effective be taken back (regressed) by a skilled regression therapist to when you were a child and to feel like you did as that small child. This is where a misunderstanding may have arisen that has caused so much distress through the years.

The specialist in hypnosis can guide you - the client - into making the desired changes, ridding you of unnecessary inhibitions and negative fears and doubts that have been in the way of you achieving what you want from life. The whole process is carried out with the consent of the client. Professional hypnotherapists have “safeguards” throughout the therapy to gain the clients permission and make changes at a deep level with their consent. In fact only ‘you’ can make those changes if you so desire; a therapist simply does not have the power they’re merely the guide.

Hypnotherapy is more effective in its pure form, proven by thousands of research studies done at the turn of the century, demonstrating its effectiveness. New additional techniques haven’t necessarily improved success rates and owe more to marketing than client benefits. Straightforward regression therapy and suggestions in the correct trance state are the most successful techniques available. The mind is “black and white” and responds to clear instructions. Why muddy the waters by adding a multitude of colours in the form of more obscure techniques? The success rate will only be diluted to the detriment of the client.

Hypnotherapists trained by Valerie Austin owe much of their success to simple principles and techniques originating with the founding fathers of hypnosis such as Marques of Puységur, James Braid, Bernheim and Puegueser whose principles haven’t changed after centuries. The mind itself is no more sophisticated than it was a century ago and so why would more complicated techniques work more effectively? By following simple guidelines, Austin-trained hypnotherapists achieve far greater success than many other therapists , thereby maintaining the extraordinary reputation for results that hypnotherapy has gained during the past 200 years or more.

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