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What Can Hypnotherapy Treat?

hypno-helpmefaceHypnosis is able to help many ailments and problems both psychological and physical. Most people know how hypnosis can help psychological problems such as phobias, weight, smoking and lack of self-esteem etc. but don’t realise that all physical illnesses can be greatly helped with the regular relaxation of both mind and body. Simple relaxation with hypnosis rests the entire body and helps in the healing process.

One example of a physical ailment that can be dealt with by using hypnosis is ‘warts’. Hypnosis can be used to completely rid a person of an unsightly wart. Although warts are on show physically, like many physical illnesses such as blushing and even IBS, there can be a psychologial component. This can be easily demonstrated by describing some of the more bizarre cures. In one Irish village a person would simply sell their wart to the grocer and the wart would simply drop off in a few days. This practice may have all but disappeared but was very successful in certain villages due to the repeated cures building up the believe structure of the villagers.

I remember a hypnotherapy student I was training had a cluster of warts on the back of her hand. I regressed her and it took her back to a memory when she was a little girl and very ashamed of something she had done. She automatically covered her face with the hand that the warts had appeared on. She admitted she was seeing a married man but didn’t feel ashamed. However, it was obviously affecting her on a deeper level emotionally. A few days later during the hypnosis course the warts turned black and simply dropped off.

She was amazed how her life seemed to come together after the hypnosis and she opened a successful practice in the North of England, found a new boyfriend while still remaining good friends with her married (subsequently ex) boyfriend; indeed a very happy ending.

Hypnosis allows the body some time to rest and heal itself. Specific suggestions can be formulated to target symptoms or for pain management. In many instances, hypnosis can be used instead of traditional medication (under medical supervision), alleviating the possibility of suffering the inevitable side effects of modern drugs.

In the Austin Medical Hypnosis course the therapist is trained to use hypnosis for anaesthesia and on one of the courses the therapists were able to put their training into practice when one of them had to have two operations. She had allergies and was frightened that the chemical anaesthesia would be too aggressive. Valerie and her husband James were away in the US but were able to select the therapists from the medical course and provide instructions for the procedure via telephone and email. The result was two very successful operations without anaesthetic and the patient feeling no pain.

Both Valerie and her husband were trained in this procedure by the late surgeon Dr Jack Gibson who performed over 4,000 operations using hypnosis as an alternative to chemical anaesthesia, with 1,500 of them taking place at his local hospital in Naas (Ireland) before his retirement from surgery. For their personal training they stayed at his private castle where he lived and treated patents until the day before he died aged 95. Valerie shows films on her courses of surgeries being performed with hypnosis. It shows the patients smiling and even singing through the operation while feeling no pain in what would have normally been very painful surgeries.

So it’s not surprising that simple relaxation in hypnosis is so powerful that it can aid health and longevity. It also has been proved to aid post-operative recovery; patients recover in half the time. Used in place of chemical anaesthesia hypnosis has remarkable results.

However, for psychological problems Advanced Hypnotherapy using The Austin Technique includes regression and a combination of specially designed techniques that create far greater results for the client than only suggestion therapy. With regression, a trained hypnotherapy professional can get to the heart of the problem and bring about remarkable, and permanent, changes in just a few sessions.

Apart from the more common problems such as Stopping Smoking, Stress Management, Anxiety, Weight Control or Phobias and Fears, Hypnosis can be used to treat other problems including (but not limited to):

Anger Management
Back Pain
Bed Wetting
Binge Eating
Confidence Dental Problems
Driving Anxiety
Drug Abuse
Eating Disorders
Exam Nerves Fear of Flying
Headaches and Migraine
Goal Setting
Hysterical Symptoms Impotence and other sexual dysfunction
Improving focus and concentration
    Irritable Bowel Syndrome(IBS)
High & Low Blood Pressure
Motivation Problems
Nail biting
Negative Thinking
Obsessive Compulsive Disorders
Pain Control
Panic Attacks
Performance Anxiety
Presentation Nerves
Phantom Limb Pain
Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD)
Public Speaking
Relationship Problems
Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
Self Development
Self Belief
Sleep problems
Social Phobia/Social Anxiety
Sports Performance
Stage Fright
Stammering & Stuttering
Thumb Sucking

…and more!

If your particular ailment or issue is not listed here, the chances are that hypnosis CAN help. Please feel free to contact us to find out more information about specific treatments.


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