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Weight Loss Workshop for Hypnotherapists

Weight Loss has always been a problem because people generally only stay on a diet for a short period before going back to eating unhealthily and/or large portions, then they start the whole process all over again, eager to try the next new ‘miracle’ diet. People try to modify their behaviour by altering their eating habits, exercising more and doing whatever they feel they need to do to achieve their goal. It all seems like such an effort and most people on a diet feel their lives revolve around it.

The difference when you use hypnosis and specific psychological tools when in hypnosis is that your weight loss client doesn’t feel as though they are dieting. Their behaviour modification is at such a deep level that it feels completely natural. Consequently they easily achieve their desired weight and with the carefully designed psychological work, they more importantly maintain an enjoyable healthy eating regime. In fact as much as they formerly enjoyed the unhealthy food, they can easily change – this is the power of hypnosis. They exercise more without even thinking about it and eat smaller portions without even noticing that the portions are smaller. Only with hypnosis can the behaviour be changed so drastically and safely. However, it does require the specialist skill of regression therapy to find the mind viruses that are in the way of a normal healthy eating pattern in the overweight person and this is what The Austin Technique is famous for.

Many hypnotherapists can facilitate regression but they are not all necessarily good at it or as proficient as they could be. As weight loss can be a complex issue, proficiency in regression is absolutely vital in obtaining the desired result for the client.

Now Valerie Austin can offer you a protocol with precise words to use to get to the source of the problem causing the weight issues. With a wealth of experience and the book Slim While You Sleep to her name, she is uniquely qualified to impart the specialist knowledge you need. The Austin regression technique has helped thousands of clients rid themselves of weight-related issues and lead healthy, happy lives, free of the burden of dieting.

Some of the topics covered on this intensive 1-day workshop are:

  • Identifying the emotional eater i.e. Someone who eats for psychological rather than physiological reasons
  • Investigating the emotions that trigger the desire to eat e.g. Boredom, loneliness, stress, happiness (yes – happiness!)
  • Investigating eating patterns – fast eaters, plate clearers, avoiders of formal sit-down eating, ‘snackers’ and habit eaters
  • Regression techniques to investigate the root causes of the problem
  • Encouraging chocoholics to eat chocolate – yes, you read that correctly!
  • Developing healthier eating patterns – but allowing the client to make that decision for themselves rather than a specific diet that may not work for them
  • Developing healthier exercise routines – ones that suit the personality of your client and allow the client to make that decision for themselves
  • How to get clients away from scales and into the ‘Rule Of The Zipper’
  • Dealing with self image issues
  • Marketing your new skills as a weight loss specialist. Because without clients you don’t have a practice

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