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Weight In The Workplace

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As the pace of work continues to increase, individuals have less time to focus on healthy eating and rely on 'quick fix' snacks to help them through the day, thereby creating long-term health problems. Relying on 'convenience foods' leaves the body chemistry unbalanced and lacking in vital minerals necessary for a healthy constitution. This leads to lethargy and impaired mental functions, which in turn lead to increased stress, decreased productivity and a general lack of efficiency. As stress can play an important part in weight issues, the workshop addresses psychological issues relating to stress and tension and how self hypnosis can combat this limiting and highly unproductive problem in the workplace. Understanding the psychological reasons behind weight gain, weight loss and weight management will give an unprecedented advantage against standard weight management programmes.

Healthy Employees = Increased Productivity

Learning the skill of Self Hypnosis for weight management will help you become more focussed on your own need for healthy eating rather than complicated diets. Re-adjusting the attitude at an unconscious level helps alleviate the pressure to live up to media images and helps you become more realistic about health and ideal weight. Exercise is a vital ingredient in all-round health and Self Hypnosis will also provide the enthusiasm to embark on a regular exercise programme to complement a healthy eating plan. For example, walking briskly and using stairs instead of escalators are classed as good exercise.

This one-day workshop combines the most up-to-date and tested methods that encourage a new and lasting attitude to weight issues and healthy eating.

Who Should Attend
This workshop is suitable for employees at all levels who are concerned with their good health and/or issues relating to weight. e.g. weight loss, eating disorders, and healthier eating plans. Those individuals already engaged in 'diets' will also benefit from attending this workshop and learning the techniques presented in this training.

Group Size and Focus
It is preferable for groups to be composed of individuals with similar job functions within the organisation (i.e. a group of administration staff or sales reps or secretaries etc.), with a maximum group size of between 30 and 35. Each participant will receive a course manual with a summary of workshop content, and information on further resources for revision and follow-up.

Austin Corporate can also arrange for follow up workshops at periodic intervals to give participants the opportunity to assess their progress and address individual issues that have arisen since the initial training.

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