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Time to give up - (03/08/2008)
You've been barred from pubs. It's a good time to stop smoking


Stop Smoking in just ONE hour - (01/08/2008)
From my experience of helping more than 3,000 smokers around the world to give up, I have found that hypnosis has a much higher success rate than any other treatment. Over the


The hypnotic work of Valerie Austin  - (01/08/2008)
Valerie Austins memory was once so bad she forgot she was married. Then she discovered hypnotherapy. And as she tells Jane Hall, her new book reveals that far from being a cranky


Using hypnosis to eliminate bad habits - (01/08/2008)
British Hypnotherapist Valerie Austin has developed a technique in self-help for stress reduction and trauma-related problems. Through hypnosis, she says, one can quit smoking


The Last Cigarette - (01/08/2008)
Hypnotherapist Valerie Austin claims to have cured 95% of her patients of their smoking habit in just one hour. So we sent her the ulimate challenge.


Breaking up with a very old friend - (01/08/2008)
After years of dedicated cigarette smoking Sally Brampton believes she has found a way to shed the shackles of nicotine.


Reprogramme the mind - (01/08/2008)
Valerie Austin 50 is a hypnotherapist. Here she talks to Nick Morgan about how she helps people achieve well-being by curing trauma-related phobias.


Stop Smoking in just one hour - (01/08/2008)
From my experience of helping over 3,000 smokers around the world to give up, I have found that hypnosis has a much higher success rate than any other treatment.


No Blame Just Facts Love! - (10/03/2009)
I am amazed how many people are reacting to a sort of propaganda aimed at organic food. So many are thinking that it isn't worth buying, forgetting it is the chemicals in convention


The New 'HEALTHY' Illness? - (10/03/2009)
Yes, now you can get an obsession with eating healthy foods or so the scientists are warning us. It has been called Orthorexia Nervosa, which means fixating on quality, It affects


Zombie Research? - (10/03/2009)
You might ask what has this to do with hypnosis? But it can be useful to keep up with cutting-edge research to help with breakthroughs in the mind that can help in creating new therapy techniques.


Seminar on Terrorism a Remarkable Success - (10/02/2009)
Over 90 people packed into a lecture hall at Birkbeck College, London on Sunday, 17 July for a seminar on the support of victims of terrorism, following the tragic events of 7/7. My husband and I were able to


Get fit with Mind weight control - (09/29/2009)
Valerie Austin, Consultant Hypnotherapy with Advanced Structured Hypnosis Diploma Graduates, Katie Glen and Jolanta Rudska-Gowda. I held one of mind-fit workshops for


Children as young as five should be taught how to hypnotise themselves to feel less pain after an operation, a leading expert has said. Up to 80 per cent of youngsters feel less pain if they are treated


Pensioner has knee surgery under hypnosis - (07/07/2009)
A pensioner has undergone knee surgery using just hypnosis to control the pain. Bernadine Coady, 67, was wide awake for the one-hour operation, which is usually performed under a general anaesthetic.


British surgeons should hypnotise patients for some operations, says academic - (07/06/2009)
British surgeons should be taught to hypnotise patients to control pain for some operations rather than rely on general anaesthetics, according to a leading American academic.


Proof/Scientific Research - (01/08/2008)
The most effective technique was hypnosis in which smokers go into a state of deep relaxation listening to suggestion tapes


How one in five have given up smoking - (01/08/2008)
Hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking, according to the largest ever scientific comparison of ways of breaking the habit. Willpower, it turns out, counts for very little. Smokers are


Quit-smoking pill linked to TV editor's suicide - (01/08/2008)
The family of a man who killed himself while taking a wonder pill to help him give up smoking have blamed his death on side effects of the drug. Omer Jama hoped the Champix


Probe into anti-smoking drug linked to suicide - (01/08/2008)
An investigation has begun into the safety of an anti-smoking drug after it was linked to a suicide in America. Patients taking Chantix in the United States, known as Champix in Britain, are being advised by 


I lost track of time; I'd even forget my son existed... - (01/08/2008)
As many as 12,000 Britonsare affected by amnesia every year. It nearly uined Valerie Austin's life butshe has pulled herself back from the brink with the aid of hypnotherapy.


How Hypnosis saved my life - (01/08/2008)
Jasmin Brackenfield was on the brink of death when, as a last resort, her parents called an unusual


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