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Tremendously Powerful

My very first experience with hypnosis, about 20 years ago, was completely unsuccessful. I could not relax; neither close my eyes in front of that person that was supposedly the hypnotherapeutic.

Along the years I’ve hearing about hypnosis, regression, past lives and I keep my mind open to some opportunity that I could consider trust enough to go through it.

My personal nature and technical background, make me a kind of person that believes in the scientific methodology:  I need  proof, not just anecdotal evidence.

When I met Mrs. Austin, I decided that I will accept the experience to be facing hypnosis once more and what it that means, and how (and if)  it could help me and my environment.

I have been surprised with the suaveness and at same time strength of Mrs. Austin and the technique developed by her. I figure that our subconscious mind iis so tremendously powerful that we can store all the sources of our personal difficulties in our adult lives, but that this can give us all the answers to those problems. When you learn how to have access to your subconscious, you have opened the door to the healing of your traumas.

Dayse M Repsold  Orthopaedic Surgeon

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