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Personal Therapy v Self Hypnosis

hypno-therapyvIn order to experience good hypnosis and achieve a good result you should chose your hypnotherapist carefully. They will be trained to take you into a deep hypnosis while systematically checking that you are indeed in hypnosis. Something you will not be able to do if you are hypnotising yourself.

Once someone is “in hypnosis” (i.e. in a type of altered state of consciousness), a skilled professional can work with your subconscious mind to bring about amazing results. However, when the hypnotherapist has induced good hypnosis, the quality of the result can largely depend upon the quality of the therapist’s communication. There are certain rules that the mind tends to follow that should be adhered to, or at the very least observed, working with clients in hypnosis.

When people are being hypnotized and during therapy it is the influence of words, converted into thoughts and feelings that have such an impact. It is amazing to think that many a time words can have more impact than the best equipment available such as computerized axial tomography (CAT). The mind, just like a computer, accepts words in a way that is special to that person.

The results, in the form of thoughts in pictures, feelings and actions are based on an individual’s particular experiences, memories and other factors that can influence the outcome. Thoughts have energy and some are more charged than others. One person may like the word ‘sophisticated’ whilst another would dismiss it. When being guided into hypnosis one person may like being taken into a cosy place, such as a study, whereas another may feel claustrophobic. A garden, or by the sea, are the most popular places to be guided to then the work can begin. A skilled hypnotherapist can then ‘regress’ the person to the source of their problem and clear it. The skilled therapist that has excellent results is not easy to find. However, the therapists trained by Valerie Austin are all fully trained in advanced hypnosis and regression and are known for their excellent results.

It is very important to choose a good hypnotherapist – preferably a “specialist” in the area of treatment you require. Word of mouth recommendation is always the best way forward. Just as you’d ask a friend to recommend a mechanic to fix a car, you should seek out a recommended hypnotherapist based upon personal results or contact Valerie for a list of therapists who specialise in your problem.

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