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I would highly recommend the ‘Valerie Austin Advanced Structured Hypnotherapy Course’ to anyone who is seriously considering a career in Hypnotherapy. There are many Hypnosis and NLP Courses on the market but I honestly feel this is the best.

The student will learn everything that is considered necessary to start and maintain a Hypnotherapy and Stress Management Practice. After completing the course, it will be possible to immediately start up a successful and lucrative business. An important part of the course is on how to actually market your services, which is critical in sustaining regular clientele.

The course has been specifically designed to contain only the essential information necessary to carry out Therapeutic Hypnosis both professionally and safely. The balance between theory and practicals is ideal with the emphasis on Hypnosis and its application.

Valerie is a natural tutor who accurately assesses the student and their characteristics. This is a rare ability that enables her to be able to communicate complicated information effortlessly to classes whatever their educational background. The methods and guidelines provided are tried and tested which takes out the guesswork. Follow them precisely and the practioner will continue to sustain a profitable and productive business.

It was as a state registered Paramedic that my venture into Hypnosis began. I noticed with many patients that there was a direct mind/body link and the healing/recovery of a patient. I began to explore the ways in which to facilitate this change after first seeing a Hypnotist on stage. I began to research into the phenomenum and after a long period of self-study, I considered very carefully many prospectuses before enrolling on Valerie’s course.

After graduating in 1998, I immediately set up my Hypnotherapy business and have never looked back. I have since then and now continue to study and educate myself on Hypnosis. I also perform and demonsrate Hypnosis on stage following in the footsteps of the pioneers of many decades ago. It’s an art that is often misunderstood but provides an ideal opportunity to educate the general public on the effectiveness oh therapeutic hypnosis and have been developed for private parties, corporate and social-club functions. There is nothing funnier and educational than a tastefully executed Hypnosis Demonstration.

If you are serious about entering the lucrative field of Corporate Stress Management,Professional Hypnotherapy and to have a highly profitable and productive business then this is the only course to take.

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