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The New 'HEALTHY' illness?

29 Jun 2015

Yes, now you can get an obsession with eating healthy foods or so the scientists are warning us. It has been called Orthorexia Nervosa, which means fixating on quality, It affects middle-class and well-educated men and women over 30 that, I would say, are sensible enough people that choose not to eat tampered-with food. Well, you can get an obsession about anything including buttons but being worried about healthy eating is not an obsession but rather a 'must' in my opinion. With the chemically-ridden foods we are being sold it is creating a fear of what we can eat. There was a headline in the same paper saying,

"Don't give children ham sandwiches" - a dire warning from cancer experts saying children should eat less, if at all, processed meat for fear of bowel cancer in later life. There it is again - the word "processed".


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