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Tackling the Cancer Crisis with Diet & Hypnosis

04 Jul 2015

Hypnotherapists have been assisting in the prevention of cancer by helping people to stop smoking. In fact it was one of the hypnotherapists bread and butter therapies….. however….

tackling the cancer crisis pic1CANCER IS FAST BECOMING OUR NUMBER ONE MAJOR ILLNESS, which is sadly increasing ever year with scary figures reported in the press that 1 in 2 people will have some form of cancer in their lifetime. Even if this is grossly exaggerated it shows how serious it is and how it is very frightening for people. I don’ know about you but I find it hard to meet someone who hasn’t either been diagnosed, knows someone that has been diagnosed or has a family member that has or had cancer.

The NHS is in crisis with these increases in cancer, making things even worse, it simply cannot cope as it is presently structured. To make things worse for the public the experts are predicting the introduction of mandatory USA style private health insurance…. it is only a matter of time before people will have to pay for expensive insurance or if they cannot afford it suffer the consequences.

THIS WILL RESULT IN the public needed to look for treatment and will have the opportunity to search for private treatment – inexpensive compared with the medical costs of hospital stays which is small compared with the cost of the drugs which were normally paid for by the NHS.

Turn bad into GOOD  tackling the cancer crisis pic2

Well, sometimes something good can come out of something bad and with this thought I may be able to persuade you to look into helping cancer sufferers. Giving you an opportunity to help save lives by looking into working with cancer sufferers and to help in cancer prevention. I was in the situation WHEN my personal friend and attorney (Inger) had been diagnosed with an aggressive cancer six months ago. Her prognosis was dire however with hypnosis and a complete change of diet after 60 days when she had the surgery the results were amazing.

Inger found she had stage 4 cancer this last November with 15% chance of survival I went into shock at the thought of losing her an it was unimaginable, and devastating to see her deterioration. It sort of took over my life for the next 6 months and we both started researching and going to cancer conferences in the US to look to get some fact-finding information. During the first 60 days we worked on intensive hypnosis and a serious change diet to organic food. After 60 days she had an operation to remove the cancer and the results were spectacular. Her tumor had reduced significantly she was diagnosis with a stage 2b level with a 89% survival and we have excellent documented proof that the hypnosis and diet intervention worked.

The cancer surgeon said she has never seen anything like it (that is what they usually say when hypnosis has been successfully used). She still has a long way to go but now there is a whole different attitude and solid hope now.

Hypnosis was used to both change the attitude of diet (to a majority of organic food) and teaches intensive guided imagery in deep hypnosis, which was specially adapted to her condition.

Inger worked long and hard with a great deal of self-hypnosis and focus for several weeks. We are so very, very excited at the results. However, she is strong with a brilliant mind and between us we created a technique that made this fantastic headway.

The Time is Right… NOW

RIGHT now there is a marvellous opportunity to help people feel hopeful about their condition and the potential to save lives – it’s that serious – being in the health industry at the beginning of these serious cut backs in the NHS means that people will have to keep healthy or they will have to start to pay and pay more. The cancer patient cost a fortune in health and drugs such as chemo and radiation. In fact it will be probably be comparable with the era but for therapy.

Why Now?

Hypnosis is so powerful IN that it can help so much in fast rising killer diseases. It can help with changing the attitude of your client to becoming healthy because there will be an incentive. They simply cannot afford to be ill. It can also help prevent diabetes by allowing the client to easily reduce their sugar intake by checking labels. It can help with heart disease by creating a healthy eating environment and change of attitude towards salty and processed food, which without hypnosis is almost impossible to do now days. Working with cancer sufferers you will come into more contact with these diseases.

Cancer and how the body can heal itself

tackling the cancer crisis pic3I thought working with cancer sufferers would be unpleasant and I wasn’t looking forward to it but my friend needed help and I became her carer. However, I was very pleased to see it was not like that at all. I have met some wonderful people with lots of hope and charm and so very interesting. This experience has convinced me and I hope you that we can make a difference.

But getting down to the serious stuff there is a lot of information out there on cancer that is not giving the full details. Information that I had to check with the top scientists to check if indeed it was true. And of course it was.

Can you imagine if you can give balanced advice that will help your cancer sufferer and give choices that make life less stressful?

I will be sending tips and information throughout the summer through this news letter to encourage you to help people that really need you.

For example:

  • Food used as medicine
  • Do you know the right foods to recommend?
  • Do you know how important mushrooms are for the cancer sufferer and prevention?
  • What you have to do to make mushrooms as good as a medicine…

…and much more.

I will be sharing much, much more about the incredible power of a very specific diet and specialist hypnosis techniques at my upcoming conference

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please do contact me at


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