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Stress Management

corp-stressPeople are the single most important asset any business has, and probably one of the largest investments a company will make. Companies investing vast sums of money on equipment also invest in the maintenance of that equipment to ensure trouble-free productive service.

But how many companies overlook investment in the maintenance of their staff well-being? Recent legislation has made it the employer’s responsibility to ensure their employees do not become ill due to work and to help them deal with pressures that can create ill health.

Stress is the natural reaction people have to excessive pressures. While it is not an illness, if it is ignored, it can lead to mental and physical ill health, leading to absenteeism and lost productivity.

Illness due to work-related stress or conditions ascribed to work-related stress is the second most common type of ill health reported.

Anyone can suffer from stress. It all depends on the circumstances they are in at the time. Preventing it is good for employee’s health and well-being which in turn is good for business.

Counselling may help individuals who are suffering from work-related stress, but it is unlikely to tackle the source of the problem. Front-line prevention by the company is better than a third-party cure.

In the United Kingdom as many as 20% of the labour force are suffering from high levels of work-related stress. An estimated half a million individuals report experiencing stress at a level they believe made them ill. The cost to Britain’s economy is estimated at approximately 7 million working days lost per year at a financial cost of approximately £4 Billion. (source: Health & Safety Executive)

Austin Corporate offers a comprehensive Stress Management program primarily aimed at eliminating stress from the workplace, teaching self hypnosis as a foundation for change. With its proven history of effectiveness, hypnosis is the most successful way of dealing with stress, as it is able to get to the root cause and not just deal with the symptoms. It is the fastest and safes way to relax and can be easily taught in small or large groups of your workforce.

The benefits to any organisation are enormous, including lower insurance premiums, increased productivity…and a happier workforce.

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