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Stress Management Using Hypnosis

The most powerful tool used in stress-management is ‘hypnosis’.

Hypnosis is so successful with dealing with all types of stress that it is the subject of thousands of scholarly studies and medical research throughout its 200 year history. We have detailed below some of the research to help you understand its power.

hypno-stressStress can be a silent killer, depleting the immune system and if it’s not addressed it can escalate and result in a variety of psychological and/or physical illnesses, for example, depression, IBS, shingles, sleeplessness, overeating and/or alcohol problems to name just a few. Just a simple worry that causes you to tense up can result in a severe back problem or attack vulnerable parts of your body such as your stomach, causing ulcers.

The impact on your potential can be disastrous for both your relationships at home and at work. Meditation, relaxation by mental imagery or yoga are a few popular de-stressors but if you want something that really works quickly and efficiently hypnosis is top of the list.

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