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Stop Smoking in One Hour Workshop

training-smikingwomen‘If you find a better method that achieves the same success rate I will learn it and then teach that method.’

If you get your Stop Smoking therapy right with a skilled technique it can put your business on the map. But if you get it wrong with an average technique your business could go up in smoke. You won’t find a technique that is more successful than the Austin Technique of stopping smoking in one hour.

If you are already a hypnotherapist and just interested in learning specialist techniques then the Austin Stop Smoking in One Hour method can turn your practice around, particularly in the present economic climate. Smokers who have successfully given up are walking advertisements and with the huge success-rate the Austin technique has, and has sustained since the 80’s, you will be surprised how many extra referrals you will get by increasing your success rate using this method of smoking cessation. Conversely, if your success rate is average then the people that haven’t stopped will covertly give negative publicity to people that may be thinking of booking in with you, even to the point of spoiling your practice. You may not realize the reason you are not as busy as you used to be, or you’d like to be, and this may be a direct result of smokers who haven’t stopped, talking to other potential clients. Not just smokers but people who want to see you for other problems such as weight loss or a phobia.

The reason why I chose to specialize in stop smoking in the 80’s is because I knew that it would show that hypnosis REALLY WORKED - a person either smoked or they didn’t. Their friends and work colleagues would ask how they stopped and you had an instant recommendation. However, these recommendations only come if you have a very high success rate which I did.

I was the first to coin the phrase ‘Stop Smoking in One Hour’ with a 95% success-rate in the 80’s and it has since been copied by many a hypnotherapist. In the beginning none of the hypnotherapists did stop smoking in one hour therapy. They would take between 5-10 sessions, just using a simple suggestion when the person was in hypnosis. Smoking cessation was (and still is) the ‘bread and butter’ of the hypnotherapist. When I coined the phrase and stopped people smoking in one hour with hypnosis it was so new that there was a lot of conflict with other hypnotherapists but it stood the test of time and is now practiced throughout the hypnotherapy community.
Unfortunately, the phrase has been adopted for marketing but not all therapists advertising ‘Stop Smoking in One Hour’ are using The Austin Technique. The difference is that Austin-trained therapists who follow the procedure precisely can claim this high 90% plus success rate and are able to prove it through client follow-ups.

Most hypnotherapists don’t actively follow up on their clients to discover the true percentage of how many of their clients the therapy has worked on. The false belief that if the client hasn’t come back it has worked equates to false confidence and can ruin a very good practice.

With the Austin Stop Smoking in One Hour technique, you are encouraged to always follow up on client progress. Firstly, it gives you confidence in your practice to know the real success rate you are achieving. Secondly, because there is a built-in back up session if the client needs to return this gives you the opportunity to attain and maintain the incredibly high success rate that Valerie Austin has achieved over the years. In fact part of the price of the stopping smoking therapy includes this extra after sales service that the client appreciates.

Says Valerie Austin;
“The technique I use for smoking is so powerful I can open up a country by going to the press and giving them a challenge. With my reputation and the high price of the technique, they have a story if I succeed or fail. You will see in the press section that I have scores of publicity in different countries and the Health Minister of Malaysia endorsed ‘Stop Smoking in One Hour’ as an approved method for smoking cessation in his country. Believe me, this was not easy to attain. I had to have proof of the success rate of my method in their eyes. My success-rate with smokers had been observed and checked when I lived on the Island of Langkawi. It was an island with such a small population, when I lived there, that if my techniques hadn’t had extraordinary success then I wouldn’t have been able to sustain a business for the seven years I was there. I sustained this whilst travelling back and forth between Langkawi and London throughout this period, conducting training courses and maintaining my Harley Street practice.”

“I can’t say that my technique has been researched scientifically but the University where I was commissioned to teach my full Advanced Hypnotherapy course in K.L. Malaysia had checked out my success-rate as did the main paper ‘New Strait Times’ when they published my book ‘Stop Smoking in one Hour’ and put their name behind it. The book was later published in the UK by Blake Publishing. This is not to be mistaken with other books with the same title by different authors that followed later, bearing no relation whatsoever to my original method.

I was on television regularly and constantly in the newspapers so I had a very visible presence. Again because of my high success rate Saba University had approached me to do extensive research on my method. Unfortunately this was just before they suffered a recession and the money subsequently dried up. Nevertheless, I took great pains to keep client records and when I met my husband he showed my how to do serious scientific research in the medical and scholarly journals. Unfortunately this material was unknown to the average hypnotherapist and limited to people with advanced academic degrees. I was extremely lucky to gain access to this material as it has helped me tremendously during the past few years and I have been able to pass on this knowledge through my courses.

During extensive research I uncovered a study where a Doctor Von Dedenroth had achieved a 94% success rate in 1968 with 1,000 smokers and discovered that my views and methods were not dissimilar to his. It is not surprising that I could attain a similar success rate (and even just that bit higher at 95%) with the 10 techniques I use in my one hour therapy.

Some of the methods used in the technique are not new but they are well tested and precisely crafted together as a potent combination. As I have said many times to my students: ‘If you find a better method that achieves the same success rate I will learn it and then teach that method.’ I yet to find one and when I do I will announce it publicly and be proud to teach it.

As the ‘Stop Smoking in One Hour’ technique is so precise it needs thorough training in order to succeed and achieve the high success rate. Even the smallest alteration to the formula can reduce the success rate. Some students, particularly those with prior training in hypnotherapy or NLP, have added their own slant to the technique, only to find that their success rate drops without realizing why. They then revert to the tried and tested formula and the success rate is re-established.

Your investment for this training is just £1,750 which you will recuperate in no time with your increased client base with a high success rate. Many of my students are charging £400 for the one hour therapy (that includes the back-up). The price varies across the country from as low as £250 to as high as £700. I charge £1,500. It really is your choice but since people have flown from Japan, China, India and around the world to book my Stop Smoking therapy this may help put it into perspective.

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