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Personal "Stop Smoking in One Hour" Therapy Using the Austin Technique

hypno-stopsmokingWhen you come for personal therapy I firstly explain how the mind responds in hypnosis. It is similar to downloading a software program but in the form of an explanation about how hypnosis works for quitting smoking. The rest of the session is putting you into a good hypnosis trance to allow a powerful combination of several hypnosis techniques to be used to help you stop smoking for good.

Hypnosis is very powerful and very enjoyable. You may experience a light or deep relaxation depending on your susceptibility to hypnosis. The good news is that you do not need deep hypnosis for my technique to work. You are either in hypnosis or not and depth is something you can be trained to acquire. I always include a back-up session as part of the therapy and it is included in the price. But generally one hour all the time it needs to make a spectacular change.

Because I work mainly in London I have personally trained an elite team of hypnotherapists that have practices in and around the UK specializing in the Stop Smoking in One Hour one-to-one therapy using The Austin Technique. This is a personal, fully individualized therapy using hypnosis as a foundation for personal change. For any technique to work you need to be committed to your goal of being a non-smoker. Hypnosis is a tool to help you achieve exactly what YOU want. If you are READY to be a non-smoker then contact us and we will arrange an appointment with one of our therapists.

For your convenience, therapy sessions are also available in French, Polish and German. We also have an Austin-trained therapist working in Israel, offering therapy in Hebrew and English.

I have trained therapists from different countries who are now living in the UK. They are fully trained Austin Advanced Structured hypnotherapists specializing in the Stop Smoking in one Hour Technique. If you prefer to work with a therapist that speaks your native language I have added their profiles to the site, giving you an indication where they work from and also if they are visiting your country if you live outside the UK.

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