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Speed Reading

hypno-readingThese days, particularly with the advent of the “information highways” we need to read more and more information. As time is always a premium wouldn’t it be great to be able to read faster and absorb information more efficiently?br />

Speed Reading is an exciting technique that can be taught in a 2-3 hour course using hypnosis to acquire the habit quickly with permanent results.

If you want to learn how to read faster with the same or even increased retention then this is the course for you. You can easily double your reading speed with this exciting Austin Speed Reading technique used in hypnosis. This is not skimming but actual reading. It is not promising reading thousands of words a minute but realistically turning an average reading speed of 200 words per minute (200 wpm) to 400-500 wpm. In some cases your reading speed can actually triple. However, if you are already fast reader you can still double your speed.

When you are reading a novel, to read thousands of words a minute would not be useful because you would not be able to turn the pages fast enough to get the benefit from your reading. But just think if you could double your reading speed whilst really enjoying what you read - wouldn’t that be a wonderful result?!

You can learn to Speed Read now by booking in with either Valerie Austin or one of her specialist hypnotherapists that are in practice all over the UK. Remember, it only takes a few hours to acquire a skill that will last a lifetime…

The Austin Speed Reading technique is a unique hybrid, developed exclusively by Valerie Austin and a world Speed Reading Champion.

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