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Specialist Workshops

Just a few of the popular workshops available
There is a selection of the specialist workshops available for businesses. All training is tailor-made for your specific requirements.

Stress Management
Learn how to prevent, identify and manage stress using simple but highly effective Self Hypnosis techniques. Any company offering this workshop to staff demonstrates a commitment to reducing stress in the workplace and will, in turn, reduce business insurance premiums and result in increased productivity.

Accelerated Learning
Learn the tools and mind tricks to help you become more productive and effortlessly absorb large amounts of information. Also including time management techniques, this is a complete package to streamline your working environment and help increase your productivity.

Many people in the workplace may have decided to either cut down their drinking or stop their drinking altogether. This workshop is designed to help people to control their alcohol intake so that it does not adversely affect their business or home life. Learn the signs to see if you need to do something about it.

Hemispheric Alignment (HA)
Hemispheric Alignment is a process of showing the mind ways of dealing with problem issues for rebalancing, resulting in changes of attitudes. Designed for top management and small groups (maximum 6 people).

Your life can literally be ruled by fears, phobias and anxiety. Learning Self Hypnosis to cure phobias and fears and to manage anxieties can transform your life and leave you free to live up to your own potential. Having a phobia of public speaking can, in some cases, be a barrier to promotion at work. Being able to present yourself to groups (e.g. management meetings) is a real asset to yourself and your employer. A lot of employees suffer in silence from phobias such as fear of flying, being terrified of insects and panic attacks when driving over bridges. When they are cured of such irrational fears, their efficiency rate in the office will increase by 100%.

Fatigue & Sleeplessness
With the mounting pressure in both personal and professional lives, we are now more susceptible to sleeplessness than ever before. We have more to worry about with the economic downturn and rising unemployment. People find it difficult to “switch off” before going to sleep. This leads to fatigue, irritation, short tempers and in some cases, violence. There are some simple techniques you can use to help you sleep soundly. Self Hypnosis is a key to deep relaxation and the ability to “let go” of problems before bedtime. You’ll learn all you need to know to get the full benefit from a good nights sleep.

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