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corp-serviceWe provide a wide range of services to suit your corporate needs to sustain a healthy business both monetarily, physically and mentally. This can be facilitated via workshops and seminars to address stress management, anxiety in the work place, sleeplessness, confidence building and other problem areas that affect productivity.

The subject matter is nothing new but what is new is teaching self-hypnosis to employees to bring about a more permanent change. Nowadays businesses are in desperate need of help and to see how serious the problems are, here are some figures that may shock you:

  • In 2006/7, 13.8m days were taken off sick due to self reported stress, depression or anxiety.
  • And the cost of mental illness at work in 2008, according the Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health, was estimated at an astonishing £26 billion a year or around £1,035 per UK employee. This cost includes the direct cost of sickness absence, staff turnover costs, and the huge hidden expense of 'presenteeism' (reduced productivity while at work).
  • On any day, 1 in 5 will experience mental distress at work and mental health problems are responsible for 40% of sickness absence.
  • Unhealthy eating habits are responsible for 97m lost working days a year or almost £17bn.
  • We’re not moving enough either. 49% of British workers were sitting down for at least 4 hours a day in 2008– 4.5%, which is a significant statistical change on 2006.
  • Every year circa 34 million working days are lost in England and Wales due to sickness caused by smoking.
  • Plus with smokers spending an average of 10 hours a month taking ‘cigarette breaks’, with 74% of non-smokers not taking the same amount of daily breaks, the cost rises even more?.’ In Scotland alone, this productivity loss is estimated to be a staggering £400m annually.

Healthy employees = productive employees = healthier business

There are three main problems that we can solve to turn a business round:

  • Reduce stress which helps both mentally and physically.
  • Create healthy eating and exercise programmes
  • Help employees with unwanted habits, e.g. smoking and excess drinking.

Create a happy; healthy working environment and you’ll get a fast return on your investment. Services include:

  • one to one therapy
  • specialist workshops for small groups
  • tailored seminars for larger groups
  • Austin coaching. The Austin Coach is a fully trained hypnotherapist who is a specialist in hypnosis and coaching. They are taught to diagnose your company and plan your workshop training so you have alternatives on how you approach your business productivity. Subjects covered include accelerated learning, increasing productivity, stress management and much more…

For more information about what services we can offer please contact Austin Corporate.

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