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Self Hypnosis and Suggestion Therapy

“Self Hypnosis” recordings can be extremely effective for treating general problems and dealing with common issues such as losing weight, stopping smoking, confidence, phobias etc. The recordings are generic, in order to be able to treat the majority of people and certain issues require a standard approach.

A receptive listener can experience a profound change after only one listening and subsequent listening re-enforces the impact and longevity of the treatment. However, it is recommended that these recordings are listened to daily for a minimum of 21 days to increase the impact of the suggestions.

For some issues (such as phobias or stress), a self hypnosis recording is a like having a ‘portable’ therapist “on demand” because you can listen to the suggestions wherever and whenever you like. The impact can be instant and dramatic and some would view them as a life-saver in certain situations.

Self hypnosis recordings are a cheaper option than seeing a hypnotherapist for personal treatment. However, they have proved to be highly effective and there are a wide range of products available in the marketplace nowadays, which are testament to their popularity and general success in treating a wide range of popular issues.


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