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Scientific Research

Hypnosis Reduces Breast Surgery Side Effects - (11/30/2009)
A brief hypnosis session shortly before breast cancer surgery may help patients with their side effects, a new study reports.


Brain Power is Green - (11/11/2009)
Our brains, it turns out, are eco-friendly. A study published in Science and reviewed by F1000 Biology members Venkatesh Murthy and Jakob Sorensen reveals that our brains


Children as young as five should be taught how to hypnotise themselves to feel less pain after an operation, a leading expert has said. Up to 80 per cent of youngsters feel less pain if they are treated


Pensioner has knee surgery under hypnosis - (07/07/2009)
A pensioner has undergone knee surgery using just hypnosis to control the pain. Bernadine Coady, 67, was wide awake for the one-hour operation, which is usually performed under a general anaesthetic.


British surgeons should hypnotise patients for some operations, says academic - (07/06/2009)
British surgeons should be taught to hypnotise patients to control pain for some operations rather than rely on general anaesthetics, according to a leading American academic.


Proof/Scientific Research - (01/08/2008)
The most effective technique was hypnosis in which smokers go into a state of deep relaxation listening to suggestion tapes


How one in five have given up smoking - (01/08/2008)
Hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking, according to the largest ever scientific comparison of ways of breaking the habit. Willpower, it turns out, counts for very little. Smokers are coming under increasing pressure to quit. Earlier this month the Institute of Actuaries published the

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