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hypno-fearPhobias are an unconscious response to external stimuli, producing a strong adverse reaction in certain circumstances. Most people generally can’t identify the cause of the phobia as in the majority of cases they stem from an incident in childhood and the information is “locked away” in the unconscious mind. Whilst the phobic reaction is “designed” by the mind to protect us, the extreme reaction is often unpleasant and can stop us doing things and even achieving our potential.

Over the years, hypnosis has been proved to be highly effective in the treatment of phobias. A simple suggestion given in hypnosis can rid you of your fear or phobia forever. The brain is taught at the deepest level a new (and positive) response to the stimuli.

Modern hypnotherapists have much in common with computer hackers, as you will see. They find the source of a problem and remove it. The better the hacker (the therapist), the more cleared you can be of ‘mind debris’. We are now able to use some of the new mind-technologies and adapt them for self-help.

In my practice, I have found that fear attacks can either be caught - that is, the subconscious is imitating a behaviour pattern, perhaps for attention - or there may be a variety of reasons for the attack that are known only to the inner mind.

If the fear has been caught, that is by seeing someone with the fear, for example, your mother being afraid of spiders, then this is can easily be fixed with a suggestion in hypnosis. A trauma-based fear, however, may need age regression. Age regression is a very specialized subject and all Austin-trained Hypnotherapists are very experienced in this type of therapy as it forms an integral part of The Austin Technique. The hypnotherapist, like a hacker, must delve deep into the “software” of the mind (with the clients’ permission) to uncover the cause of the fear.

There are self help methods available for conquering fears and phobias, such as my book Free Yourself From Fear or the range of CD’s and MP3’s designed for specific issues. Or alternatively you may want to book an appointment for personal therapy with myself or one of my team of my specially trained hypnotherapists.

The following pages about phobias will give you an insight into the subject and help you decide what would be best for you and show you some case histories that demonstrate how phobias are created.

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