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Personal Therapy

Whereas self hypnosis recordings are generic, personal therapy is just that – personal. Tailored to an individual’s needs, the therapy is much more comprehensive and can deal with a variety of issues in one session.

Often the hypnotherapist (and the client) discovers that the presenting problem can be the symptom rather than the real issue requiring attention. The therapy can then be adjusted accordingly. This simply isn’t possible with a generic recording.

Hypnotherapy can range from simple suggestion therapy to more sophisticated methods. Advanced Hypnotherapy, as taught by Valerie Austin, is a combination of several powerful techniques, including regression to ensure the problem is tackled from a variety of angles.

Personal Therapy requires a series of sessions (normally between 3 -6), each building upon the success of the previous session. Deep-rooted emotional issues often require several sessions to unravel the complex connections within the mind that determine our behaviours and emotions. Simple suggestion therapy won’t be effective in these circumstances.

Stop Smoking in One Hour is a highly sophisticated technique for smoking cessation with an up to 95% success rate. In this therapy, the hypnotherapist interacts with the client’s subconscious mind to identify the part of the mind controlling the habit and gives suggestions regarding more healthy behaviours as suitable alternatives to smoking.

With personal therapy, the hypnotherapist can identify the impact of the words they use on the client’s subconscious mind (as described above) and increase the impact of the therapy. The success rate of personal therapy is much higher than that achieved by group therapy or listening to self hypnosis recordings. However, all these forms are highly effective in their own way.


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