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Painless Childbirth

corp-childbirthIt is very important for mothers-to-be to have as less stress as possible during the pregnancy. Too much stress has an adverse affect both on mother and baby and can create an increase in adrenaline to the new-born. New studies carried out by Professor Winston have proved that this anxiety and stress can lead to anxious and even risk-taking children ("Child of Our Time" BBC TV).

This is important to your company because if you are looking at the longer term, the pregnant employee’s children may well be your employees of the future. A risk taker that could be a star employee and then plummet down to the bottom could be a problem rather than an asset. That same employee, with a mother with less stress or managed stress, could be a top employee and an asset to the company who still takes risks but sensible ones. If they are a Type A personality then they would have a mixture of the A and B personality with the best of the A combined with the best of the B and visa versa. Professor Winston has done some excellent studies on this subject, proving the level of stress the mother was in at the time she was pregnant.

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A New Service for Mothers-to-be before Maternity Leave

Working mothers who have experienced excessive stress in maternity can find their children's sleep patterns erratic, creating more anxiety after the child is born. This can also cause sleep problems and difficulty with bonding. A few minutes of Self Hypnosis can prevent these problems and in most cases Post Natal Depression can also be prevented by hypnosis. Alleviating these potential problems can help the mother remain productive and healthy during and after pregnancy. Although it is possible to have a 'pain free' birth, not every mother can be guaranteed this. It is possible, however, with Self Hypnosis to have 'good childbirth'. This term, coined by Dr Steven Reid PhD in his book 'Good Childbirth', means that the mothers’ discomfort is limited and the baby can have a 'stress free' birth. The result is a calm and well-adjusted child with short and long-term benefits both in and out of the working environment.

Dr Reid is one of our team of specialists who teaches this very valuable one-day course.

Who Should Attend
This workshop is suitable for employees at all levels. Mothers-to-be and potential mothers will benefit from attending this specialist workshop. Fathers-to-be are also encouraged to attend to help them cope with such an important event in their lives which in turn will alleviate stress in the workplace.

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