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No Blame Just Facts Love!

29 Jun 2015

I am amazed how many people are reacting to a sort of propaganda aimed at organic food. So many are thinking that it isn't worth buying, forgetting it is the chemicals in convention food that we, who support 'real' food (now labled) 'organic', are against. It looks like the propaganda from the food companies have worked. It was recently reported that organic food did not have more nutrients than conventional food! Read on...

That is true - an organic orange will have the same amount of nutrients as a conventional orange but it failed to say that we don't want to eat the poison from the pesticides in the conventional orange. If the pesticide poisons are not enough to worry you there is a new research on claiming that too much fast food will make you less intelligent.

This research was performed by scientists at Oxford University with rats. A high-fat diet in less than ten days damaged their intelligence and short-term memory. It also decreased their ability to exercise. The biological experts called it a 'high fat hangover'.

Proof offered by research

It was discovered in the research that in just four days, in the rats fed higher fat (as in junk food) their muscles were less able to use oxygen to make the energy needed to exercise, causing their hearts to work harder and increase in size. After nine days of the high fat diet the rats took longer to finish a maze and made more mistakes. The rats fed on lower fat were running 50% further than their fatter and now dumber counterparts. These findings were published by the Federation of the American Societies for Experimental Biology. The scientists are now studying the effects of short-term high-fat in humans. I think we all know what the findings will be.


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