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Master Diploma Training in Hypnotherapy

The Master Diploma Course in Hypnotherapy comprises of five modules specifically aimed at working with personal clients in a private hypnotherapy practice and the subsequent development of a corporate consultancy.

The five modules are:

  1. The Basic Diploma Course in Advanced Hypnotherapy (7-days)
  2. Supervised Case Histories
  3. Hypnotherapy in Business
  4. Hypno-Coaching
  5. Case Studies for Hypno-Coaching

The Basic Diploma Course in Advanced Hypnotherapy was originally devised as a 7-day stand-alone course. The same course that Valerie Austin has trained for 20 years and has enabled many hypnotherapists set up highly successful hypnotherapy practices. The newer Master Diploma Training has been specifically designed to expand the overall application of the techniques and protocols learned in the Basic Course.

Course graduates can take their expertise into the business environment and provide corporate consultancy services in the form of specialised group workshops and the Austin Hypno-Coaching

Still maintaining the focus of client-based therapeutic techniques, the Austin approach to Hypnotherapy is one of simple, yet effective techniques and protocols that have been tried and tested with thousands of clients. By maintaining small numbers of attendees on each course, the Valerie Austin, your tutor, can provide personalised training and coaching to ensure the highest standards of training. Students who attend the 7-day Basic Diploma Course and subsequently complete their Supervised Case Histories often decide to focus on working with the medical profession. These students can elect to attend the Medical Hypnosis training instead of the business modules. Taught by instructors with a comprehensive medical background, prospective students will learn a variety of new protocols and how to integrate their knowledge and experience into working within the medical profession.

The Master Diploma course in Hypnotherapy complies with the minimum 125 hours study time necessary to be validated by the General Hypnotherapy Register (the UK´s independent register for Hypnotherapy)

Post-Course Evaluation and Continued Professional Development

Austin Corporate International organises specialist workshops throughout the year to offer you the opportunity to continually expand their knowledge and expertise. Post-course support from Valerie Austin is available via e-mail for all course graduates, allowing them to ask advice or address any issues relating to therapy.

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