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Hypnosis Improves Telephone Sales Calls

A company who had a problem with their telephone sales department commissioned Austin Corporate to work with them. It was for not for increasing the sales, as they already had a very good turnover ratio, but the team members would make excuses rather than get to work on the telephone. Like many good sales teams they would make any excuse not to get on the phone and make calls e.g. long lunches, creating work or paper work, long conversations or going for breaks etc.

The program was so successful with the volume of calls so improved by the test group that the sales manager said: ”The calls went through the roof. I wish I had known about hypnosis before. I could have had far better sales teams.” He had previously worked for the highly successful telephone advertising company the Sterling Group. The call times were monitored by computer software, proving the increased time spent on the phone.

A selection of the sales team was chosen to attend the training workshops for half-a-day a week which continued for one month. Each week more of the attendees would show extraordinary improvement and by the end of the month every one of them was making many more calls; which in turn created an increase in sales. The sales of those team members who did not attend the workshop stayed the same, leading to a case of envy regarding the sudden increase in commission earned by their colleagues.

The consultancy fees were considered money well spent by the company concerned.


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