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How can I be hypnotized?

If you would like to experience hypnosis you have four choices on how to proceed.

  1. Personal therapy on a one-to-one basis. This is more expensive than products on the market but generally more effective. However, the results can vary depending upon the techniques used and the hypnotherapist themselves and is reflected in the price of the therapy. For more info and prices click here.
  2. Group Therapy. You can attend a workshop or seminar in group hypnosis. This may be for a specific problem or to train you in self hypnosis.
  3. Using one of my highly-trained Austin Therapists.
  4. Purchasing one of the products to learn or utilize self hypnosis e.g. books, CD’s, MP3s’s or a complete video package that includes a manual, audio and video training.

Everything depends upon your time, budget, commitment and what you want to achieve.

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