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29 Jun 2015

Healthy living and Social events.

I am a columnist for a magazine and you can find my articles under 'Modern Nutrition and Healthy Living'. I would very much like to have some feedback. I write on society and parties, but the second part I fill with interesting information of nutrition and health that I believe is a 'must know'. You can check on my past articles in the mag's archives for more information. Also you can purchase all five of my books on the iphone both in book form and as an audio books. My latest ap is 'STRESS BUSTER BY VALERIE AUSTIN

This iphone ap (application) it is not only useful for reducing stress but can prolong your life - even save your life in some cases because stress can be a killer. It is in the form of an audio that you can play on your iphone whenever you feel stressed. It has been created to put you into hypnosis and the specially designed words allow you to activate your inner mind to naturally de-stress. It has an exciting application, built in with a timer, so you can de-stress while you sleep. Since doubling up the impact.


Hot Gossip Magazine You can check the magazines archives for more information on health and nutrition. I also have all five of my books on the iphone both as books and as an audio books. My latest ap is Stress Buster by Valerie Austin and is really useful. You just put yourself into hypnoss and de-stress. It has a special design so you can de-stress while you sleep - what could be simpler.

Diploma in Hypnosis by DVD. The 24 hour DVD training kit is a way you can learn hypnosis if you cannot get to the UK or to London and you can learn it in the comfort of your own home. It is 24 hours of training. You will learn the Austin Technique. Just email for more information. 


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