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"Free Yourself From Fear" - Fear of Injections

Mario was a famous interior designer who had a serious fear of injections. He was so frightened that he would be quite ill for two weeks before he had to have any injection. He needed to travel and this phobia was restricting his business abroad.

When he came to see me he reported that he had always been afraid of injections and asked me whether I thought it was possible that his mother may have had an injection when he was in the womb, which was now affecting him. He just couldn’t understand where this fear had originated from. I honestly didn’t know if it could have started in the womb. I hadn’t personally had experience at this time of someone going so far back in regression, but I kept an open mind.

When I regressed Mario to the first time he had an injection he was aged three or four. He remembered being in the corridor of what looked like an old school. He was led into a room where some children were being injected. He experienced himself calmly sitting on a bed while the doctor injected him. He was happily chewing some sweets the doctor had given him. He was quite comfortable with this. I asked how he felt; he shrugged his shoulders and said ‘OK!’ – He wasn’t experiencing any discomfort at all. But after the injection he started to frown and said his mother was agitated and had started to hug him. The doctor, too, looked anxious and afraid, and this shocked Mario into thinking that perhaps he was behaving incorrectly – perhaps he should also be worried.

When Mario came out of hypnosis he was stunned. He now realized that he hadn’t always had a fear of injections and that he had literally been taught to be frightened. ‘His’ fear had actually been brought on by his mother’s distress, which had got confused in his mind with the experience of the injection itself.


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