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Corporate Psychology

corp-buildings'Corporate Psychology' is the application of psychological principles in order to understand human motivation and behaviour within organizations. Now Austin Corporate has created a unique combination of Corporate Psychology techniques and hypnosis to bring about lasting change in the workplace.

Hypnosis has over two hundred years of credibility and many thousands of double-bind clinical studies to prove its validity. It is the one ‘clinically tested’ method that guarantees a high success rate compared with the ‘motivational’ success programs that have flooded the marketplace.

In the current economic climate people are feeling more and more pressure to ‘perform’ both personally and professionally. This brings about stress, which leads to tiredness, ill health, absenteeism and a loss of productivity for businesses. With its specialist stress management techniques, Austin Corporate can reverse the trend and improve productivity by working with staff to conquer stress and improve overall well-being. This works at all levels, from the boardroom to the cleaning staff. Corporate Psychology can be used to identify and analyze different personality types and their relative vulnerability to stress, thus enabling timely intervention and prevention programs. The introduction of Corporate Psychology methodologies can help reduce insurance premiums and protect employers from expensive litigation.

Corporate Psychology helps people understand how the mind works and anticipate how individuals are likely to react in a variety of situations. A variety of specialist techniques can motivate and increase the productivity and efficiency of staff at all levels. By facilitating team-building and harmonizing professional relationships, communication can be dramatically improved across an entire organization.

Austin Corporate offers Corporate Psychology workshops to improve memory, concentration, reading speed and retention. Current and potential managers are developed into dynamic and creative leaders by enhancing their self-knowledge, confidence and social skills.

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