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Making The Most Of The Corporate Environment

Become a successful Austin business therapist Business is a tough environment, and Hypnotherapy has a great deal to offer to stressed executives and staff. With this in mind, Austin Corporate is running a series of weekend courses on how to gain a foothold in this difficult, but potentially rewarding environment.

On this first weekend, effective methodologies when working with groups in a business environment will be demonstrated, in such a way as to ensure the people in the group you will be training know their personal level of hypnosis, and most importantly, how that they ‘know’ they were hypnotised.

Unlike one-to-one environments where you have time, over several sessions, to build up the confidence of the client, with group hypnosis the situation is very different. The participants may nod and smile as if everything is fine, but a few of the group may come away afterwards and tell their bosses that they haven’t been hypnotized (really believing this to be true even though they may have been in deep hypnosis and not realized it).

This happens on many one-day ‘self hypnosis’ courses, however well run, when working with people from a single company. However, this situation would sabotage your chances of being re-booked. The lack of belief structure in hypnosis in general and in you as a therapist can severely damage your reputation if your training sessions are not handled correctly. It took me two years of trial and error to perfect a two day course where this was no longer a problem. I can now impart my knowledge and experience and point out the pitfalls BEFORE you attempt any group sessions. If you are interested in group therapy for businesses or lectures this course is a very worthwhile investment.

So many people when coming out of hypnosis believe they have not been hypnotized. This is often due to pre-conceived ideas about what hypnosis is and what it feels like. The problem is that hypnosis cannot be ‘quantified’ and so how can you ‘know’ you’ve been in hypnosis when you don’t know what it feels like? Even though the subject looked like they were sound asleep, even to the point of leaning over in their chair, you can’t convince them. They only believe you when you show them a film of their hypnosis.

The hypnotic experience is subjective and everyone is different. It is the phenomena of hypnosis and is very frustrating for the hypnotherapist. There are, however, certain elements you can add into your training to create a good belief structure which will guarantee success in this area. After 20 years of teaching groups I have been able to overcome the obstacle of people not believing they have been in hypnosis. One thing is sure - without handling this situation properly you will never be rebooked but with this course you will learn the difference that makes the difference in corporate training.

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