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Get the viruses out of your company and increase productivity in ‘real’ time.

corp-cuffsJust as computer viruses can wreak havoc with technology, mind viruses can work silently within an organization, spreading and infecting the whole infrastructure. A Mind virus is a change in behaviour caused by external stimuli which is not always recognizable as often it is accepted as normal and not classed as negative. Mind viruses can be negative thoughts, attitudes or physical and mental ailments. Stress, tiredness, anger or anxieties are just a few examples. Weight problems, excessive alcohol intake and smoking are less subtle symptoms of problems in the workplace.

In the current economic chaos it is vital that you fight financial losses with the most successful resources available. You may think your company is being successfully run but look where you can be vulnerable:

  • Your sales team are likely not to be making the amount of calls they could be and therefore negatively affecting your company’s potential. Click here for more information about how hypnosis helped a telephone sales team.
  • Your staff could be preoccupied with a variety of worries, for example about money, the economy, their children losing their jobs and if they will have a job in the future. This results in sleeplessness, stress and anxiety which in turn affects how they work and their commitment.
  • Your executive employees maybe looking around for a company that is friendlier or more staff-oriented with a better remuneration package.
  • If your company is large enough then you may be being targeted by your competition with industrial espionage. Click here for more information.

My company was founded to take hypnosis, in the form of specialized self hypnosis training, into business and show how it can eliminate mind-viruses. Our specialty is analyzing and diagnosing exactly what a company needs. We then customise our workshops to individual company requirements.

A corporate specialist can arrange a meeting to see how your company would benefit from our services. Why use the same old tactics that are little more than motivation with, if any, modest permanent effect? Why not choose something that has been around for 200 years with thousands of academic articles and scientific research to prove its effectiveness?

Companies invest millions of pounds on virus protection for computers whilst overlooking protection for their biggest asset – the workforce.

We are the only company of its kind and have been quietly working in companies throughout our 20 year history.

Our advantages are that we train self-hypnosis which is perfectly safe whilst having the greatest impact.

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