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About James Pool

James Pool has a BA degree with honours in history and a MA degree in communications from the University of Cincinnati. He is an acclaimed author and world expert of two best selling history books that have been translated into eight languages: Who Financed Hitler and Hitler and His Secret Partners . The books explain Hitler’s psychology and hypnotic power and his links to the chemical-pharmaceutical cartel.

For the last 30 years James Pool has done research in medical history, particularly in medical hypnosis during its golden age, 1880 to 1900. James Pool has worked in medical hypnosis since his days as a university graduate student.

He has specialized in psychosomatic illnesses, back pain and epilepsy. While studying for his M.A. degree, Pool did research with Martin Bryan PhD at the University of Cincinnati on the clinical use of suggestion for therapeutic purposes.

He has focused particularly on the unpublished secrets of one of the leading medical hypnotist at the start of the 20th century - Dr August Forel. Dr Forel was professor of psychiatry at the University of Zurich who became director of the famous Burgholzli Institute - a post subsequently held by Carl Jung. Much of what Forel learned was published in "Hypnotism or Suggestion and Psychotherapy," (1906) which quickly became a leading textbook on medical hypnosis.

Some of the methods of medical hypnosis Forel witnessed convinced him not only of the awesome power of hypnotism but caused him to fear they would seem like panaceas, arousing the wrath of the medical profession ... and the drug companies.

Forel also became alarmed at the prospect of the most powerful techniques falling into the hands of demagogues or unscrupulous politicians. As a result, some information he decided not to reveal to the public, but passed it only to his son: His fears were realised in the 1920s when he witnessed Hitler's use of hypnotic techniques to arouse racial hatred in Germany.

His son, Dr Oscar Forel, also a psychiatrist and experienced in medical hypnosis, kept the secret and after his fathers death in 1931 through the years when Hitler conquered one country after another.

James Pool and the ageing Dr Oscar Forel met in the 1970's with Dr Forel intrigued at learning about Pool's research on Hitler. The two became friends with Forel inviting Pool to his beautiful chateau home on the shores of Lake Geneva.

During a series of private conversations, Oscar Forel - who was then in his 80's - wanted to share his fathers' discoveries with someone before he died. No longer was he hesitant about betraying his father's wishes to keep the knowledge secret from the public, since Hitler’s use of hypnosis had already created the ultimate catastrophe.

James has studied with renowned Irish surgeon Dr Jack Gibson, author of Relax and Live and Memoirs of an Irish Surgeon, who carried out over 3000 operations using hypnosis as an alternative to chemical anaesthesia. Some of the unique knowledge gained from Dr Gibson is included on the Medical Hypnosis course.

He has also studied with Dr Martin Bryan, International expert on persuasion and verbal suggestion and Harry Arons, author of Master Course in Hypnotism whose grandfather was taught how to hypnotise by Rasputin.

James spends much of his time uncovering research studies about hypnosis and the mind which have been previously inaccessible to those outside of the medical profession. He is currently writing a book on the history of medical hypnosis.

James says: "Throughout all my studies of Hitler my real focus was to see if the tremendous powers of the mind he used for evil couldn't be used for healing rather than destruction"

James’ courses include answers to two important questions: Firstly, why medical hypnosis, at the turn of the last century, seemed to enjoy a higher success-rate than today and secondly, why more illnesses were treated with hypnosis in 1900 than today.

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