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The 7 Day Diploma Course in Advanced Hypnotherapy

This intensive 7-day training is designed to provide students with a practical knowledge of hypnosis and the application of specific therapeutic techniques. The course combines theory with ´hands on´ experience.

Day 1: General introduction, Hypnotic demonstrations, rules of the mind, introduction to hypnosis with proven hypnotic inductions to ensure the success of The Austin Technique.

Day 2: Speed Reading: An important self-development programme. Therapy demonstrations and induction practices. . H.S.A. and its use in stress management for increasing productivity.

Day 3: Practice in the skill of regression, parts therapy and mental classifications. Gestalt therapy: An elegant and efficient method of dealing with issues arising out of regression and particularly useful for dealing with emotional abreactions.

Day 4: Demonstrations of the full technique, depth in hypnosis, regression (the key to trauma-related issues), understanding habits, addictions and phobias. How the vast majority of phobias can be permanently removed using hypnosis.

Day 5: Self Hypnosis Day. Formulating suggestions, goals and techniques in imagery and its importance to ´mind work´. Third party healing, introduction to the ´Nth Phase´ (an Austin skill of attaining 2 breaths per minute for depth and distance healing), the coma state, body language, eye-accessing cues.

Day 6: Diagnosing the “do´s” and “dont’s” for therapists relating to problems presented by clients. Dealing with issues such as substance abuse, weight control, excessive alcohol consumption, insomnia and anxiety. Gestalt techniques and methods that deal directly with the inner mind.

Day 7: Stop Smoking in One Hour. The one hour method of stopping smoking and how you can consistently achieve a 95% success rate. The introduction to the client that is critical to success with the Austin Technique. Upon completion of the training, students are required to complete the written exam.

During the course, students are expected to spend a minimum of 21 hours studying the comprehensive course manual that accompanies the training. The contents of the manual (together with practical experience) form the basis for the written examination.

Pre-Course Study Requirements
Prior to attending the course, students must read the book Self Hypnosis in order to familiarise themselves with the basic principles of hypnosis. They must also memorise the protocol for an induction used on the course.

Post-Course Assignment
Upon completion of the 7-day training, students are required to produce and audio recording of a ´Stop Smoking´ session and a transcript of the session for assessment by the course tutor, prior to being awarded the Diploma in Advanced Hypnotherapy.

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